Chad showed an interest in the arts from a very early age. These curiosities brewed and divulged themselves as scribbled drawings, stories, events; epics that transpired in his mind which he struggled to put to paper. It wasn't until enrolling in a 3d animation and arts degree that these interests really began to take shape. It was here that Chad began meeting several like minded individuals who later would form a working relationship in the industry.

During the course of his schooling, word of a horror film shooting in the area began to spread throughout the city. By chance Chad was hired onto the production as an assistant cameraman after portraying one of the zombies in the film. Thrilled with the direction life was taking him, his schooling began to take a back seat to his sudden passion for filmmaking.

In order to further his film aspirations, Chad decided to make the move to Austin to pursue his film career full time. He began working various jobs as assistant camera, cinematographer and gaffer which led to his induction as a lighting technician in the IATSE film union. While working in the union, Chad continued to work on passion projects in the indie world. His hard work on the film “The Woodsman” paid off as the film performed well at several international film festivals.

As work slowed in Austin, New York City's film industry was booming. The call went out for experience lighting technicians in New York and Chad answered. Chad has spent the last several years working in film and television in NYC, learning new techniques and drawing inspiration for his future projects. Chad continues to follow his love for film and photography where ever it may take him.